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The General commission for Survey announces its desire to rent a building to be GCS headquarter in Riyadh for 3 years
9 January 2018

The General commission for Survey announces its desire to rent a building to be GCS headquarter in Riyadh for 3 years, with the following specifications:
  1. The building should be in the city of Riyadh.
  2. The site is located on two streets, one main street for easy access to the building and a gate suitable for cars.
  3. building designed for administrative use.
  4. New building free of structural defects.
  5. The total office space should be between (15-20) thousand square meters.
  6. Car Parking space beside or in the basement of the building must be provided with a minimum of (250) parking spaces.
  7. Building with Central air-condition.
  8. Building with at least 3 elevators in excellent condition and one elevator for services.
  9. The building must be connected (Or close to no more than 50 meters) to a high speed fibre optic  network from a major telecom company.
  10. The building should be equipped with an internal computer     network (LAN) and a backup generator.
  11. The building should be equipped with a dedicated space for a data center The building should have safety requirements with a certificate indicating that the building is under the supervision of the Civil Defense "fire extinguishing system, extinguishers, water hoses and emergency stairs".
  12. There is no objection from the building Neighbours.
  13. The building should be legally owned by the lesser.
  14. Building ownership certificate copy, ID copy, map for the location and owner number must be provided with the annual renting price offer.
  15. General commission for Survey hopes from the applicants to submit their offers that meets the required specifications and will not consider any offer that does not meet the required specifications.
Anyone who has a building that meets the previous requirements and wants to hire it must submit it within a closed envelope to Procurement & Contracts Department at the General commission for Survey PO Box 87918 Riyadh 11652 not later than the end of the official working day Tuesday, 27/05/1439  According to Um Al Qura calendar. The envelopes will be open the next day after submission ends, the buildings will be checked after opening the envelopes in coordination with the owners.​
For inquiries, you can call 1420000427 or 1450 or 1460.

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