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“Health” is benefiting from the National Geospatial Portal as part of its efforts to combat Corona virus
22 April 2020
The General Commission For Survey (GCS) "Geospatial Information" has submitted to the Ministry of Health to support the project of building geographical information systems and decision-making system to combat the emerging corona virus "COVID19", where this information can contribute to facilitating and implementing epidemiological investigations and active surveying.
 This comes within the framework of the efforts of the GCS to enhance cooperation and coordination with government agencies to provide geospatial information, due to the importance of this information in the planning stage and the implementation phase, in addition to decision-making.
 The GCS called on government agencies to take advantage of the national geospatial portal that provides geospatial information after it was collected from government agencies producing these data and work to integrate, unify and raise them in the national geospatial portal, which makes it easier for the beneficiaries to obtain this geospatial information as well as exchange and share geospatial information between  Beneficiaries and producers.

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