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The General comission of Survey Among the most distinguished government agencies in achieving efficient spending
2 July 2019

The General  comission of Survey was honored by the Center of Spending Efficiency as one of the most distinguished government agencies in adhering to the spending efficiency requirements. This came during a workshop on empowering spending efficiency teams in government agencies that was held yesterday in Riyadh with the participation of 650 members from 167 government agencies in order to upgrade the capabilities of government agencies and activate mechanisms to achieve government spending efficiency, in order to keep pace with the aspirations of the rational leadership that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia be a model A pioneer in various fields, including efficient spending that will enable the Kingdom to achieve financial and economic stability in line with the goals of the Kingdom's 2030 vision.
The workshop, which was attended by leaders and members of the spending efficiencies teams in the various government agencies represented by (167) entities represented by 650 people, aimed at reviewing and sharing capabilities and optimal work mechanisms according to local and international best practices to achieve efficient spending.
During the workshop, methodologies and mechanisms used to raise spending efficiency and address waste in accordance with local and international best practices were shared, and success stories from several entities such as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Saline Water Conversion Corporation were reviewed, as well as answering queries and queries of entities in this context through an open dialogue between efficiency teams Spending in the regions, employees of the Expenditure Efficiency Center, and representatives of the Ministry of Finance.
The workshop witnessed honoring the spending efficiency teams in the most distinguished government agencies in adhering to the requirements of spending efficiency in the initial stage and applying the relevant best practices.

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